5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Family Vehicle

It’s time to say goodbye to old man winter!

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Family Vehicle
It’s time to bid farewell to winter. Before you start the big spring cleanup inside, why not head to the garage and tackle your home on wheels first. By de-wintering your vehicle you’ll maintain its overall condition and be prepared for all the activity spring and summer bring!

1. Declutter. Grab the recycling and garbage bags and start emptying your vehicle, including the trunk or storage areas. You may be surprised at what has gathered over the winter. Keep only what is needed in the car.

2. Clean. Before you start scrubbing, give your car a really good vacuuming. Then focus on the details — the back of the seats, the dash, the doors, even the drink holders. Spray down car mats and clean the seats and carpets. If the job is too big, consider an annual post-winter cleaning at a local detailing shop.

3. Wash. Get rid of the salt and sand with a really good spray down and cleaning. Finish with a coat of wax to maintain the exterior.

4. Remove tires. With a clean exterior, now is the perfect time to switch and store your winter tires.

5. Service. General maintenance is the best way to prevent surprises. Springtime is a good time to replace wiper blades, test headlights and taillights and inspect the air conditioning unit.

Author: 15 Minute Mom

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