Building Money Skills While School is Out

Work math into your summer routine and send the kids back to school with sharper skills and ready to learn more.

Image Licensed by Ingram Publishing

Image Licensed by Ingram Publishing


A great way to improve your child’s money habits and skills is to ensure that she or he has some solid math skills.

Here are some suggestions to incorporate building math skills into daily life while school is out for the summer. You can adjust these suggestions according to your child’s age:

Compare prices in the grocery store. What is the best value for your money?

Make a graph or a chart of something that you see every day or every week. For example, count how many tomatoes are ripe in your garden each day. How much rainfall this week? How much mail today compared to yesterday?

Weigh produce in the grocery store and talk about it. How heavy or light do you think an item will be?

Practise and memorize multiplication tables: if all four members of our family wanted 5 candies each, how many candies does the family need?


Author: Christena Saunders

Christena Saunders is a mother of two who has worked in financial services for 12 years.

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