Financial Planning for Your Family

A bit of financial planning can go a long way.

Image Licensed by Ingram Publishing

Image Licensed by Ingram Publishing


As the flurry of back to school clears and Christmas begins creeping up on us, many families would probably agree that a bit of planning would certainly help their lives. Well, how would a bit of financial planning help your life right now?

This past week was Financial Planning week and I came across some really interesting statistics:

  • 65% of Canadians with financial plans say they would have enough money for splurges compared to 31% with none.
  • Households who partner with a Financial Advisor have almost three times more assets than those without a Financial Advisor.

I have worked in financial services for quite some time and had never heard these statistics previously. These facts don’t surprise me though. From the people whom I have met, both professionally and personally, it certainly seems to me that those who have set goals with an Advisor and work towards the goals seem to fare better financially in the long run.

I am not necessarily referring to people who make triple figure incomes and have cottages and luxury cars either. I have worked with all walks of life and have seen first-hand the peace of mind that working with a Financial Advisor brings to any lifestyle. Some people are intimidated and don’t think they have enough money to work with a Financial Advisor, but an Advisor doesn’t necessarily need to be a stock broker or a Wealth Manager at a fancy company with fancy commercials! You can start by speaking to someone at your local bank or credit union- wherever you do your day to day banking. They are experts too and will be able to refer you along to an appropriate Advisor as your needs change.

Author: Christena Saunders

Christena Saunders is a mother of two who has worked in financial services for 12 years.

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