Spring Clean Your Finances

With the Spring weather finally here, I’ve been on a spring cleaning kick.


Image Licensed by Ingram Publishing

Image Licensed by Ingram Publishing

It must be something about the sunlight that really motivates people to get into those nooks and crannies around their houses and really give it a good clean. While you are in cleaning mode, why not give one aspect of your finances a good, thorough cleaning?

  • Why not take something you’ve avoided at looking at and really tackle it?
  • Why not review that cable bill to see if there are any hidden fees?
  • Why not look at your bank account fees?
  • Is there a way that you can move to a no fee account?
  • Do you have a pile of unfilled bills? File them! (Or shred them if they are old enough)! Or make that appointment to talk to your Financial Advisor about that mortgage rate or your life insurance.

Just like when you clean your house, it will feel so good to take a step to bring your financial house into order.

Author: Christena Saunders

Christena Saunders is a mother of two who has worked in financial services for 12 years.

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