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Who better to review kids’ books than kids themselves? Below is a selection of book reviews written by kids who participated in the Make It Published program at Clarington Public Library in Bowmanville.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Dog Days by Jeff Kinney
In Jeff Kinney’s Dog Days from the Wimpy Kid series, Greg, the main character, talks about what he did over the summer.  Greg and his family went to the pool and he also went to his friend’s cottage.  This is a really great book for a past time, it is funny and short.  My favorite character is Holly because she’s pretty and she’s a good actress.
Age Range: 8-14  Luca (13)




The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
In the book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund go to a magical place called Narnia and meet a lion that can talk!  If you really like animals then you will like this book because it has lots of animals in it and they talk, and the characters in this book are really interesting too. I like Lucy best because she is my age and is a very curious girl.
Ages 8+  Shelby (10)





The Dead EndThe Dead End by Mimi McCoy
A girl named Casey was very excited when her and her friend planned the whole summer together, but then her parents tell her she is going away for the summer, her plans are ruined.  Once Casey gets to the summer house, she notices it’s not very friendly and that it’s HAUNTED!  I really liked this book because of Casey. She never takes no for an answer, even when her parents won’t believe her when she is trying to prove her point. Casey is an inspiration because she keeps trying and never gives up. I think you will really like this book because it’s interesting and mysterious.
Ages 8-12 Yelana



Thea Stilton and the Dancing ShadowsThea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows
by Sabrina Ariganello
This book is very adventurous and if you like adventure, this would be a good book for you.  In the book, Thea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows, Thea and her friend go to a ballet dance recital.  I really like the character named Colette, because she is awesome.
Ages 6-8   Ashleigh (10)





The DivergentDivergent by Veronica Roth
This book is about a girl named Tris Prior who is trying to be accepted in a faction called Dauntless. If you like a good book that is full of futuristic action like shooting and jumping off trains, then you will like this book very much. My favorite character was definitely “Four” or Tobias Eaton. He is a very trained and skilled combat artist.  The book Divergent is part one of a series.
Ages 13+  Jake (13)






Then it Happened Book 8And then it happened – Book 8 by  M & L Wade
Description: In book 8 of the And then it happened series, Gordon’s Uncle gives him $1000.00 for his birthday. Gordon is really funny in the book and I liked this book because at the very end it never tells you what happened it just says “ and then it happened”, that makes the book interesting to read.
Ages 7-9    Erin (9)







The Fabulous Monstrous BeastsFabulous and Monstrous Beasts by Belinda Weber.
This book is about monsters. It is a nonfiction book. My favourite monster in the book is the Hydra, but I like mostly all of the monsters in this book. I think you would really like this book because it is Awesome. Age 6-10. Trent (8)







Then it Happened Book 9And Then it Happened – Book 9 by M & L Wade.
If you like to read really funny books then you will really like this book. In book 9, Mr. Evan’s forgets to pay the rent and the whole school is evicted! Gordon is playing pranks and being really funny. Age 7-9. Brianna (9)







The Face Off Phony The Face Off Phony by Gordon Korman
I would recommend this book because it is funny and mysterious. The book is about a hockey team trying to make the play offs. There is a chipmunk that is trying to expose a cheater. Age 8+. Gregory (10)








The HypnotistThe Hypnotists by Gordon
Jex is the main character and has colour changing eyes. He doesn’t realize it, but he starts hypnotizing people. He has to go to a place to help control it. The book is written mostly about Jex and from his point of view. You should read this book because I enjoyed it and think you would too. Age 8-12. Mia (11)








Diary of a Wimpy KidDiary of a Wimpy Kid – Dog Days by Jeff Kinney
The book Dog Days is about a boy who doesn’t get along with his brother. I like the character Rodrick because he is cool. This book is interesting and I would recommend it because it is interesting and a good book. Age 8-14. Troy (12)








The Lokie WolvesLoki’s Wolves by K.L. Armstrong
There are three main characters, Matt, Laurie and Fen; they are descendants from the gods Thor and Loki. They need to stop the Ragnarok and if they don’t, the world will end. I really liked this book because I usually read fantasy books. I like fantasy books because they have magic and sorcery and are usually set in medieval times, but this book is set in modern times. The characters in this book are easy to relate to. There is lots of action and adventure. Age 8-12. Maggie (12)





The Dork DiariesDork Diaries, Tales from a Not So Smart Miss Know it All by Rachel Renee Russell
Nikki, the main character, has a crush on a boy named Brandon. Mackenzie, a bully, also has a crush on Brandon. I really liked this book because I love seeing people stand up to bullies. In the end Nikki and Brandon become a (cute) couple.
Age 9-12. Rachel (9)






The UnwantedThe Unwanteds by Lisa
The Unwanteds is a book about two very different worlds. The worlds do not know about each other. It’s like a thrill ride. My favourite character in the book is Lanie. She is a nice at some points in the book and vicious at others. You should read this book because it’s very interesting and thrilling. This book is part of a series and they are amazing! Age 10 -14. Delaney (10)






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