6 Easy Ways to Organize Your Vehicle

Get control of your home on wheels before the kids head back to school.

6 Ways to Organize your Vehicle


Don’t let minivan clutter get your down.  Taking the time now will make life much easier when you hit the road for another school year with the kids. Here’s what you need to do:
1. Empty
Take everything out. Separate items into three piles: donate, recycle, put away. Deal with the piles right away.

2. Clean
Go to a local vehicle vacuum centre and get the carpets and upholstery clean. When you return home, use your own vacuum to get into the tight spots. Clean the seats, surfaces, windows and carpeting.

3. Compartmentalize
Look at the inside of your vehicle as three sections: front (Mom-zone), middle, (kid-ville) and back (cargo or storage). Decide what you need for each section and where it should go.

4. Use Tools
To keep everything in its place, purchase items that will help keep you organized. Try CD holders, back-of-seat organizers for kids, and collapsible crates/basket for the cargo area.

5. Stock Up
Be prepared for meals on the run and wait time by loading up on tissues, wet wipes, crayons and paper, CDs & DVDs. Remember, only items needed when the vehicle is in use should be stored in the vehicle – nothing else!

6. Maintain
Devote time to keeping your vehicle clean. Remove items, garbage and recycling EVERY time you return home. Assign a space for each family member to help keep tidy. Vacuum and clean as needed as part of your regular cleaning routine.






Author: 15 Minute Mom

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