6 Steps to an Organized Home

Tired of your house looking like a mess? Follow these six steps to keep your home clutter-free and in shape for drop-in visitors.

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Write everything down

It’s hard to remember all your important tasks and activities. Life gets busy and details get lost. Write them on your calendar. Include weekly, monthly and annual tasks that keep your home maintained and in order. Look at your calendar before you go to bed each night.
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Keep your kitchen clean.

The simple act of keeping the central hub of your home clutter-free can have an impact on the whole house. A tidy counter and table somehow inspire the family to put things away and keep the rest of the house in order. Give it a try!
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Keep flat surfaces clear

Make it a rule that you don’t dump random objects around the house. Keep your dining room table, countertops, and entryway clear of clutter.
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Give everything a home

The saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” is packed with wisdom. Having a place for everything makes it easy for the family to do a quick tidy at the end of each day. As you buy new items, find them a home too.
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Control paper

Set up a system that works for you and your family so your mail and school papers don’t take over. Get into the habit of opening mail and signing school forms when you have time to deal with them immediately. File them, or throw them out.
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Purge often

Keep a box in the closet or basement and when it is full take it to the local donation bin or call for a pickup. When seasons change, go through clothing, coats, boots and shoes and say goodbye to items that no longer fit.

Author: 15 Minute Mom

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