10 Easy Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the change of season and keep kids busy with one of these simple craft projects.

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DIY Puffy Paint

This 3-ingredient paint is easy to make and a hit with creative kids of all ages.

Find instructions on ezebreezy.com
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Minecraft Blocks

Minecraft fans will take their creativity off-line with this free DIY block download.

Find instructions on puresweetjoy.com
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Thumbprint Flower Pots

Welcome spring with this easy and fun DIY designed flower pot.

Find instructions on upstateramblings.com
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Garden Markers

Enlist the help of your kids and get a jump on the growing season by making these colourful and fun garden markers.

Find instructions on craftsbyamanda.com
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Easy Hyacinth Flowers

Surprise a special someone with a bouquet of paper spring flowers.

Find instructions on www.ssww.com
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Duct Tape Crafts

With so many colourful patterns and styles the skies the limit on what your kids will create.

Find instructions on 123homeschool4me.com
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Craft Stick Butterflies

Perfect for a rainy day with the kids, this is a simple craft uses easy-to-locate and inexpensive materials.

Find instructions on thecrafttrain.com
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DIY Sidewalk Chalk

A springtime favourite, you'll wonder why you didn't try making it yourself sooner!

Find instructions on playfullearning.net
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DIY Paper Spinner

Transform a simple piece of paper and a piece of string into a fun and creative project kids of all ages will enjoy.

Find instructions on makeandtakes.com by agirlandagluegun.com
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Easy Easter Sun Catchers

These fun sun catchers will brighten up any room as long as there’s some sunshine.

Find instructions on everydaydishes.com

Author: 15 Minute Mom

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