Make Your Own Mud Pit

This DIY backyard mud pit will provide hours of good “clean” fun.

Make Your Own Mud Pit


No rain in the weather forecast? No worries. This DIY backyard mud pit will provide hours of good clean (yes!) hands-on entertainment for budding bakers and engineers.

  • Find a corner of the yard where you won’t miss the grass. Kids will enjoy excavating the area with you. (Be sure they get your approval before “working on” other areas of the yard.)
  • Add lots of water for masses of ooey-gooey mud. If you’re using a hose, decide who controls the flow of water before play begins.
  • Provide tools of the trade: old pots and utensils; PVC pipe and connecting joints; hose, sprinkler, and wading pool.
  • Bury some loot for young treasure-seekers: marbles, toy cars, shells, miniature plastic animals.
  • Clean-up tactics that save your sanity: Use specific clothing for mud play. Set a dishpan of water and an old towel near the door for pre-rinsing hands and feet. Enforce post-mud showers if necessary.



Author: Ashley Talmadge

Ashley Talmadge is a freelance writer and the mother of two tech-savvy boys.

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