Pan Am Flag Craft

These homemade flags make great decorations for your party and add to the excitement of cheering on the competitors.

Materials: 9 ½” x 11” white paper, long wooden skewers, scotch tape. Tools: computer, colour printer

Quantity: 1 for each participant and more for decorating



Step 1: Go to Wikipedia for Pan Am Games. Scroll down to Participating Nations (showing flags.) Choose countries and then google the flags for each.



Pan Am Flags Step 1Step 2: Print out two copies of each flag.








Pan Am Flags Step 4Step 4: Tape a skewer to the back of one flag, aligning top of skewer with top of flag.








Pan Am Flags Step 5Step 5: Take second flag and tape it over skewer and onto other flag (backs  together.)









Let kids choose a flag to carry and use as reference for crafts. Stick the remainder in the ground as decoration.






Author: LocalParent

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