Make Ahead Sailboats

Follow these simple instructions to put together sailboats for decorating and sailboat race. 

Materials: pool noodle, white foam sheet, straw
Quantity: 1 for each participant
Game: Two at a time, kids take turns blowing through a straw to see who can get the sailboat across the pool fastest. If the boat falls over, back to the start they go


Step 1:Sailboat materials Cut 1 ¼ inch off end of pool noodle for boat. Set aside.

Step 2: Make sail by cutting a 4 x 5 x 7 inch triangle out of foam sheet.

Step 3: Cut two slits at either end of 7 inch side of sail.







Sailboat Step 2Step 4: Trim straw so it is 6 ½ inches long. Poke a small hole in pool noodle base, and insert straw.







Sailboat Step 3Step 5: Slide the straw through the precut slits in the sail.













The sailboat is ready to be decorated by kids during the party.






Author: LocalParent

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