Get Connected

18 ways to grow your social network during life transitions.

Get Connected


Relocations, new babies, and other life transitions can throw a wrench in your social network, leaving you feeling disconnected and lonely. Use the adjustment period as a chance to make a fresh start by building connections that support your personal health and the well-being of your family.

Here are 18 ways to rev up your social engine for increased happiness.

  1. Join a mom’s group. Your sense of self-worth and belonging increases when you’re part of a group of supportive friends.
  2. Call an old friend. Reconnecting helps you rebuild your confidence as you meet new moms.
  3. Email a mom you’d like to know better. Arrange a time to meet for a play date at the park.
  4. Send a Facebook friend request to a mom you’ve met recently. Initiating friendships boosts your self-confidence.
  5. Volunteer. Your efforts will positively impact others, you’ll meet new people, and you’ll derive satisfaction and joy from helping out.
  6. Strike up a conversation. Kids are great icebreakers. Even a casual conversation with another mom can cheer you up.
  7. Click into an online moms group. Reaching out to other moms online who can relate can help you feel less isolated.
  8. Coordinate a meet and greet. Got school-aged kids? Invite other classroom moms to a “seasoned moms” lunch to build a sense of community.
  9. Sign up for a yoga, zumba or jazzercise class. Build friendships while you’re boosting endorphins.
  10. Spring for a Girls’ Night Out! You may feel a little tired the next day, but recalling all the laughs and stimulating conversation will put a skip in your step.
  11. Participate in parent council. It’s a great way to become familiar with your child’s school, get involved in his/her education and meet other parents.
  12. Dine and play. Invite other moms for 
a two-hour afternoon play date and potluck dinner. Dinner done, kids sleep well, and you’re rewarded with a quiet evening ahead!
  13. Start a walking group. Walking and 
talking for an hour offers both great exercise and free therapy!
  14. Coordinate a group outing to the zoo or a children’s museum. Both you and your kids will appreciate the social interaction, exercise and education these venues offer.
  15. Check out the library. Libraries often feature interesting presenters, book clubs and other activities. Attend a few discussions to meet others with shared interests.
  16. Organize a game night or book club with your friends. You and your friends will love the excuse for a lively evening escape!
  17. Throw a neighborhood backyard BBQ. Provide outdoor games like badminton, horseshoes, volleyball, chalk, bubbles and hula hoops for the kids to play together.
  18. Support a friend who sells make-up, jewelry, clothing, cookware or candles by accepting an invitation to one of the parties. Go with a budget and enjoy hanging out with other women.


Author: Christa Melnyk Hines

Christa Melnyk Hines is a freelance writer and the author of Confidently Connected: A Mom’s Guide to a Satisfying Social Life.

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