15 Great Staycation Ideas for March Break

Make your Spring break a fun and relaxing vacation your family will remember forever.

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Bucket List

Start the week off with a brainstorming session to create a list of activities the whole family will enjoy!

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DIY Town

Build a playhouse or the entire town and let the kids explore all week long.

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Read Together

Spend an afternoon on the couch reading a stack of timeless classics. This Dr. Seuss list (by reading level) will take the guess work out of which books are the perfect fit.

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Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Get out and enjoy some fresh air while discovering the beauty of nature in your own backyard.

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Host a Pancake Breakfast

Who doesn’t love a fluffy stack of pancakes when they’re on holiday!

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Indoor paper plane target

Be prepared for a rainy day with a stack of paper and directions for DIY paper planes

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Play a Board Game

Is life too busy for board games? Promote family time, play, and skills in just 10 minutes. Looking for a new board game? Check out this list.

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Easy Baked Pretzels

Gather the kids around for an afternoon of baking — their own snack!

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Rainbow Science

Enjoy the basic of colour mixing with this fun science activity!

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Plan a Family Night

Start a family fun night. It will soon become your kids favourite day of the week.

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Marshmallow Shooters

Gather together some balloons, plastic cups and mini marshmallows and create a toy any kid will love.

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Coloured Ice Hockey

Take advantage of a cold night and make your own colour coded ice hockey game.

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Make a Bird Craft

Treat your favourite feathered friends to a new house or a special surprise.

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Grow a Bean

Get a jump on your spring garden with this kid-friendly activity. Plant early in the week so the kids can watch their beans grow!

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Have a Taco Night

Save yourself some time and make one-dish tacos. Serve with some kid-friendly sides and you’ll have a new family favourite.

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