Pinecone Owl Tree Ornament

These Christmas ornaments will be a hit with the kids.



As any kid knows, owls are cool in every way. They have big eyes, and flat faces. They can turn their heads 270° in each direction. They can see and hunt at night. They have powerful talons with which to catch their prey. And they are very, very quiet in flight.

These amazing birds are the inspiration for our Christmas craft. Kids will love making these sweet ornaments, and won’t stop at one! Before you know it, you’ll have an entire ‘parliament’ (group of owls) adorning your tree!

Materials, per bird:

  • pinecone, medium size
  • small felt sheets, various colours
  • tiny black pompoms for pupils
  • glue gun or fabric glue
  • 10” gold string
  • embellishments – feathers, sequins, etc.

PInecone Owl Ornament SuppliesStep 1: Gather materials. If you can, send the kids to search for pinecones – it adds to the fun!

Step 2: Download templates at Choose five different colours of felt for each bird. Using the templates, cut out: 1 set of eyes 1 beak 2 crests (one large, one small) 2 wings 12 feathers (different colours) 2 feet


Pinecone Owl FaceStep 3: Glue eyes onto large crest, then glue small crest on top. Note: If using fabric glue allow time for it to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Glue beak to bottom of eyes below small crest and pompom pupils to centre of each eye.

Pinecone Owl FaceStep 5: Glue assembled face to side of pinecone near the top.





Pinecone Owl WingsStep 6: Glue six feathers to each wing from the bottom up. Each feather should overlap the one below.




Pinecone Owl with Wings

Step 7: Glue wings to sides of pinecone.





Pinecone Owl FeetStep 8: Glue feet to bottom of pinecone.






Step 9: Embellish owl as desired.

Step 10: Tie gold string tightly to centre top of pinecone, and knot the opposite end.




Author: LocalParent

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