What I Want for Mother’s Day

A “tongue-in-cheek” Top 10 list from a harried mom.

What I Want for Mother’s Day

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As moms, when someone asks us what we want, we are prone to say things like, “Me? Oh nothing! Really, I’m fine.”

Do we mean it? Probably not, but a dose of ‘mom guilt’ goes along with even the suggestion that we might want something for ourselves. Not for the family. Not for the kids. Something just for us.

But Mother’s Day is coming up, and if ever there was a day to declare what we would really like, this is it. I asked some Moms what they would like to receive for Mother’s Day, expecting to hear “massages, flowers and chocolates,” but I got some very different answers.

One mom said she’d like to spend a day in a sensory deprivation tank! While I think she was kidding, that answer is a good illustration of a repeated theme from moms who wanted, “some time to myself to just sit and be.”

Another harried mom requested, “no fighting for a day.” She obviously has more than one child!

So, the truth is out there. And maybe saying it will help us shed the mom guilt and realize that getting something for ourselves makes us better moms, wives, sisters, and friends.

In that spirit, I give you my top 10 Mother’s Day gifts. I would like…

1. … the bathroom all to myself for just one hour. I’m longing for a leisurely, hot bubble bath, uninterrupted by little fists banging at the door and cries of “Mommy! What are you doing in there?” A glass of wine and a copy of Vogue would complete the picture nicely.

2. … to hear the sounds of silent industry. Imagine the kids doing their homework, or chores, or picking up after themselves, without me having to prompt them, over and over and over again. Now that would be a magical gift.

3. … to take a shopping trip that does not involve groceries or heartfelt pleas from the kids for the latest toy, gadget, clothing. A shopping trip just for me, at my favourite stores, where I get to buy new clothes, and purses, and shoes. Lots of shoes. And a gift card to go with it!

4. … to eat an entire meal without wiping, cleaning, feeding anyone but myself. Oh, the joy of eating food while it’s still hot and enjoying every morsel without interruption. Even better if I don’t 
have to cook the meal in the first place! Twice 
as good if someone else does the dishes!

5. … to hang up my chauffeur hat for a day. I know the kids desperately need to get to soccer, band practice, their BFF’s house or wherever else they need to go, but for once, I would love it if someone else drove them there and picked them up.

6. …  someone else to do the laundry for a change. I’ll take the risk of ending up with pink everything in exchange for a couple of loads of laundry, washed, folded and put away. Just think, a chance to put my feet up and enjoy a cup of tea.

7. … to watch a movie I get to pick – preferably at a theatre, and preferably with my girlfriends. While I love snuggle time over cartoons, fantasy, or  comedy with the kids, I’d like to see at least one of the movies slated for an Oscar in the same year, not the next.

8. … a date with my hubby – at a restaurant with an actual table cloth and crystal. No paper napkins. No plastic cutlery. And no shouting into the drive through box. Sounds like heaven.

9. … to read a book (or an article… heck, a limerick would do) that doesn’t include recipes. I have a stack of books I have never read beyond the first chapter because finding time to read them, apart from those hazy moments before I fall asleep at night, is impossible.

10. …. and finally, lots and lots of hugs, and kisses too. And homemade cards, or hand-picked flowers. They are the best gifts of all.

Author: Chantal Saville

Chantal Saville is a wife, mom, daughter, publisher, editor and writer; www.chantalsaville.ca.

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