Overcoming BUSY

5 tips to help manage your family’s busy schedule.


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As mothers, we are often the keeper of the family schedule. We say yes or no to requests and spend time filling in the squares of our family calendar.

Sometimes this makes us feel productive; after all we’re giving our kids lots of opportunities and making good use of all of our time. Other times, we feel overwhelmed by all our commitments, wishing there was a way to slow down and return to a less complicated time.

As we head into December and look ahead to a new year we can make a commitment to become less busy. Here’s how.

1. Get up earlier than the kids. Although rising early in winter is hard, having a little time to yourself can help you stay centred and feel less rushed. When the kids rise, you’re ready to tackle the day and not feel like you’re already behind.

2. Create routines. Morning, afternoon and bedtime routines allow you to tackle daily must-do tasks in small chunks — as a team. They can help create a less cluttered environment, reduce stress, and give the family time to do something fun.

3. Be deliberate. Together with your family, create goals for slowing down. Discuss what is important to each family member and how you can support one another. Moving forward, ensure your weekly activities support these ideas.

4. Use your calendar for family time too. Block off time to devote to yourself, your kids, your spouse, and your family as a whole. Incorporate small moments, like going for a walk with the kids, and dedicated nights or days for family, dates with your spouse, visiting grandparents, etc.

5. Make sure your plans are flexible. Planning ahead provides us with goals to work towards but where there are kids there is unpredictability. Schedules that leave little room for error set us up for failure. Consider tackling life in one-week chunks. Make a list and look at it every day, taking on tasks that are doable in the time you have available.




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