Slow Down at ‘Turtles Crossings’

Here’s what your family can do to prevent turtle road deaths.

Watch for Turtles!



Every spring, mama turtles put their lives on the line crossing roads to lay their eggs. Road deaths are contributing to a sharp decline in turtles – most species are now at risk of extinction.

Here’s what your family can do:

  • Slow down when driving through wetlands
  • Watch for turtles on or near roadways
  • Help a turtle cross the road if it’s safe to do so
  • Use two hands to gently move non-snappers
  • Coax a snapper using a shovel, board, or blanket
  • Don’t pick up a turtle by the tail; you may damage its spine
  • Report drivers who intentionally run over a turtle to the MNR tips line 1 877 847-7667
  • If you find an injured turtle, contact the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre at 705 741-5000

The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre operates a turtle hospital, completes conservation work in the field, and provides educational programs to protect turtles and wetland habitats.

Author: LocalParent

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