New Year’s Groceries Game Plan

Get your family back to the dinner table and save time and money too!

New Year's Groceries Game Plan

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We’ve all done it. We’ve planned and shopped for the weeks groceries, only to discover our fridge has become a wasteland and our pantry is still bursting with ingredients that never made it to the table.

Updating our approach to food storage and meal planning is as easy at 1-2-3.

1. Re-organize. Instead of organizing by food type, switch things up so your fridge, freezer and pantry support your meal plan. You’ll need:
sections in your pantry for breakfast, lunch and snack items, “extra” staples, and baking-related supplies.
a section in your pantry for dinner bins. Buy and label six inexpensive shallow bins – one for each day M-F and one for the weekend.
a labeled shelf, drawer or section in your fridge and freezer for your weekly meal plan ingredients.

2. Rethink meal plan and shopping. Plan meals before you head to the grocery store. Design your meal plan around ingredients you have on hand. Your grocery list should only contain items that are staples or will be used during the week. Don’t be tempted by big sales. Be selective, buying the amount you will eat and ingredients you will use.

3. Store groceries by meal. When you arrive home from grocery shopping, fight the urge to stick items where they’ll fit. Put pantry, fridge and freezer items away in appropriate bins or sections according to meal. Use containers or zipper bags and mark the day they will be used.


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