Lessons from a Little Guy

A mom’s thoughts on the rewards of motherhood.

Lessons from a Little Guy

Photo: Justin Oliver


I’m celebrating Mother’s Day this year by reflecting not on what I give as a mother, but on what being a mother has given me.

Mom was a title I never thought I would hold. I always wanted children, but it seemed like it wasn’t meant to be. My husband had a workplace injury shortly after we were married and that put starting a family on the back burner. Then, well … we just got comfortable as a couple, until one Christmas I popped the “baby” word. I wanted to be a mom, and much to my surprise my husband wanted to be a dad. So after 13 years of marriage, the two of us became the three of us.

I don’t think you can really prepare for motherhood; you just have to jump in and do it. And so I did. And I am not going to sugar coat it, being a mom is hard. It is not an easy role to take on and it does not come with a guide. What has surprised me the most about motherhood is how much it has taught me. There are so many lessons every day.

First and foremost being a mom has taught me patience, endless patience. I have always been a pretty patient person, but being a mom takes it to a whole new level.

I have learned to lighten up. I will admit, before becoming a mom I probably took life a little too seriously. My son has changed all that – life through his eyes is just too much fun and so exciting.

I have learned to find the fun in the little things because some days the little things are all there is. The squeal of delight when he finds a lost toy is enough to brighten my day and warm my heart.

I have learned that the best sound, and I mean the very best sound, is my little man’s laugh. It is so real, so genuine, and so full of happiness, it can bring a smile to my face in an instant.

I have learned it is not just about me anymore; it is about so much more. It’s about my son, his health, his well being, his best interest, his needs, and so on. It is about our family, our life together, and how we can be the best we can be together, as one unit.

I have learned to appreciate every minute I have 
with my son. Time really does go too fast. My baby is long gone and in his place I have this amazing toddler who grows up a little more each day. It is both sad and amazing at the same time.

Being a mom has grounded me. It has brought me back to the here and now, the present, a place where I can experience every part of life again, with him at my side.

I have learned about a love so profound, it surprises me daily. My love for my son is indescribable; it runs so deep and is so intense, I can’t imagine not experiencing it.

Lastly, I have learned that I am human. I make mistakes as a mom, sometimes more than I like to admit. But my boy is always there with a smile, a hug, a kiss, and a “luv you” to let me know that I am doing okay. He is quick to forgive my mommy mistakes and even quicker to forget them.

Being a mom is the most amazing role I have taken on in my lifetime. It has challenged me to my core, made me a better person, and forced me to put someone else’s needs before my own. I have loved every minute of it. There is nothing more satisfying to me than being a mom. It fills me with a special love and a deep gratitude.

I look forward to the lessons I will continue to learn on my journey of motherhood. I know my son has plenty more in store for me.

Author: Kim Corrigan-Oliver

Kim Corrigan-Oliver is a mom, registered holistic nutritionist and author of Raising Happy Healthy Babies; www.yourgreenbaby.ca, twitter: @yourgreenbaby.

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