Ruth Strunz

Mindfully Parenting Children With Special Needs

Ruth StrunzRuth M. Strunz is a Developmental Counsellor, Montessori educator and consultant who works with parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other conditions that impact relationship-building. Ruth is an excellent speaker, who delights in teaching parents and professionals how to mindfully establish positive, meaningful relationships with children with ASD. Ruth currently works in Ontario and internationally, and welcomes inquiries from both parents and professionals.



Session: Mindfully Parenting Children With Special Needs






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  1. I read your article about puzzles. What do you look for in a good puzzle, and how do you tell how difficult it is? I’m a 58 year old female, and haven’t done a puzzle in many years. I remember being terribly frustrated with them and would lose interest quickly.

    Grace Parsons
    PS Do you know of places that sell puzzles?

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    • Thanks for your inquiry Grace. Here is a link we found that may help you determine the difficulty of a puzzle: Basically, it suggests to look at number of pieces, the colouring of the puzzle and the shape of the pieces.

      As for purchasing, try your local toy store or department store in the board games section.

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