Mindful Parenting Speakers 2016

Join us for this informative and inspiring day.

We have put to together a host of wonderful speakers to create a rewarding day for both parents and professionals.  As a participant you choose one speaker from each session listed below. Scroll down or use the links to go to the description of workshops for each session time.

Morning Session 1

Afternoon Session 2

Afternoon Session 3



Keynote Speaker

Monique HowatMonique Howat

How Mindful Parenting Builds Kids’ Confidence

Monique teaches a mindful way of parenting that brings out the best in each individual child = an  approach that builds both confidence and motivation. How do you keep this positive focus during the ups and downs of everyday life? This presentation combines powerful strategies with anecdotes and humour to show you the way.

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Morning: Sessions 1

The Power of Stories

Ann DouglasAnn Douglas

Stories are the threads that make up the fabric of our lives, weaving together a tapestry of past experiences. They help us understand who we are and give us the courage to dream about who we hope to become. Making sense of our stories allows us to make conscious and deliberate parenting choices: to be mindful about our actions and intentions, and to treat ourselves and our children with kindness and compassion. In this personal yet practical workshop, you’ll discover how stories can inform and inspire your parenting while positively transforming your family and community.

All Ages

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Mindful Classroom Practices and Student Success

Dustin GrahamDustin Graham

Acquire best practices for integrating mindful activities and programs  into your classroom with ease. Help foster a calmer, more accepting, and ultimately more inclusive classroom environment that better supports the mental health needs of all students. Gain simple strategies and interventions for self-care and stress management to help make your classroom even more conducive to student success. Parents: benefit from insights into becoming a true team player in your child’s school experience.

Ages: Elementary to Secondary

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Positive Parenting Practices – Less Stress, More Self-Confidence

Nancy Doherty

Nancy DohertyChildren who grow up with positive parenting feel good about themselves and are less likely to have behavioural or emotional problems when they get older. The Internationally recognized Triple P program outlines simple ways to create a safe, positive learning environment for your child, while using assertive discipline, maintaining realistic expectations and engaging in self-care. Parents will come away with strategies to support them in their mindful parenting journey, as well as a greater understanding of the Triple P programs offered in their communities.

Ages: 2-10 

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Family Habits of Happiness

Monique HowatMonique Howat

Happiness is relevant to everyone’s lives – the most popular course at Harvard University is entitled “The Psychology of Happiness.”  In this highly interactive workshop, Monique combines her motivational finesse and creativity to teach parents how to infuse happiness into the most important little people in their lives! You will discover “Happy and Mindful Habits” are easy to implement and perhaps even the most anticipated part of your day!

Ages: Preschool to Teen

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Afternoon: Sessions 2


Mindful Discipline Through the Lens of the Heart

Meredith Deasley

When we understand that our children’s misdemeanors only occur in the face of their unspoken and unmet needs, we can more easily uncover how to discipline our child with love.  Learn what those needs are and how to meet them with mindful care, including responding to your child using their primary love language.

Ages: Preschool to Grade 8

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Your Child’s Growing Brain

Mark HillMark Hill

Brains take time to grow. In fact, recent findings in neuroscience say it takes a lifetime! When you understand how your child’s brain functions, and you connect with them according to their development, you’re better able to see their behaviour for what it is, and know how to respond appropriately. Connect with their emotional side when they’re having difficulties, and redirect to their rational side for self-control and long-term learning. Support their problem solving and empathy in order to regulate their flight, flight and freeze response. Help your child develop an emotional vocabulary to communicate feelings more clearly and self-soothe when they need it.

Ages: Preschool to Teen

About Mark


Playful Brain/Mindful Brain

Sara MarloweSara Marlow

Mindfulness practice can reduce stress, nurture emotion regulation, counter the brain’s negativity bias and foster resilience. Through story, art, music, movement and meditation, parents will learn playful ways to share mindfulness and neuroscience with their children.

Ages: K to Grade 6

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Self-Shiatsu: Balanced Body, Balanced Mind

Gregory Axelson

Gregory AlexsonPractice straightforward ways to apply pressure along the energy pathways of the body to quickly and effectively release stress, worry, and anxiety. Learn how to awaken the body’s power to regain balance and find mindfulness even during challenging times. Follow simple steps to teach your child how to relieve overwhelm, manage school-based anxiety, reduce angry outbursts, improve sleep, and more.

Ages: Elementary to Teen

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Afternoon: Sessions 3


Practical Solutions When Kids Push Our Buttons

Ellen BradleyEllen Bradley

No parent feels good about losing their cool. But being a conscious parent doesn’t make us immune from frustration or anger. This session addresses the key differences between conscious and traditional parenting styles, and offers you easy to implement tools to reduce reactivity and deepen your connection, even when your child’s behaviour is most challenging.

Ages: Preschool to Teen

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Handling Challenges for More 
Resilient Kids In and Out of School

Dr. Leanne FosterDr. Leanne Foster

Educators and parents will gain insight into mindful ways of handling typical school-based challenges to help students become more resilient and positively responsive to change. Dr. Foster will share effective teaching / learning strategies to deal with children of all ages from the perspective of increased overall awareness and mindful home and classroom practice.

Ages: K to 8

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Mindfully Parenting Children With Special Needs

Ruth M. StrunzRuth Strunz

Learn how and why to incorporate mindfulness into parenting kids with developmental obstacles such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), sensory integration disorder, other attachment disorders or learning disabilities. Ruth will teach a variety of simple techniques for mindful parenting of children with different abilities, providing us with the tools to reclaim the joy, hope and FUN, of raising our special children!

Ages: Preschool to Teen

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Laughing Yoga

Lisa O’Leary

Lisa O'LearyDiscover how important laughter really is to achieving a balanced, healthy and joyful life! Come enjoy a Laughter Yoga session and learn the history, benefits, and the many facts about laughter that relate to our overall wellbeing personally, professionally as well as the impact it has on our children.

Ages: Preschool to Teen

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Throughout the Day

Mindful Minutes Melanie Tsesler

Melanie Tsesler

Drop into an experience of mindfulness! In 5-minute sessions throughout the day, Melanie Tsesler will guide you into a deeper sense of inner connection and awareness. Just sit, listen, breathe and enjoy.

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Conference Details

Saturday October 29, 2016  9am- 4pm.
Abilities Centre, 55 Gordon St., Whitby, Ontario
Price $97 + hst ( includes lunch)

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