MIndful Parenting Conference Speakers

Join us for an informative and inspiring day.

Morning Keynote Speaker

Ann Douglas

The Big Picture: A Mindful Approach to Parenting

Ann Douglas

The big-picture ideas discussed in this session: how mindful parenting can help you to tune into your child’s needs, make more conscious and deliberate parenting decisions, build relationships with other parents, and develop compassion for your children and yourself.

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Afternoon Keynote Speaker

Cate CollinsCate Collins

Heart Centered Parents = Heart Centred Children

This keynote will provide you with tools to connect you with the human side of yourself by helping you drop into your heart more when you are connecting with your children and others. When you connect from your heart, you can expect a deeper connection with your kids, more willingness to cooperate, and more joy when you are together.

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Morning Breakout  Sessions

Minding the Needs of the Children: Separation, Divorce and Single Parenting

Maureen PollardMaureen Pollard

It can be especially tough to meet your family’s needs when you are going through separation or divorce or you are a single parent. Mindfulness offers a pathway toward better balance for both parents and children. This presentation will offer practical strategies to help parents meet their children’s needs and their own.

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How to Interpret Our Kids’ Behaviours and What to Do about It

Lisa TorresLisa Torres

Children are a gift to parents. Their behaviour reveals to us our blind spots and guides us to what we most need. By being mindful, we all benefit immeasurably. You’ll leave this session with ready-to-use strategies to improve your family life.

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Mindfulness in the Classroom

Dustin Graham

Mindful instructional practice, which incorporates mindfulness activities and programs, has the potential to foster happier, calmer, more accepting, more aware, and ultimately more inclusive classrooms.
For professionals and parents.

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Afternoon  Breakout Sessions

Finding Calm In the Moment

Anne Murray

Anne Murray

This workshop will be an opportunity for parents and professionals to learn ways to recognize, reduce and manage their own and their children’s stress. Walk away with practical tools to be mindful of the choices you can make to have calmer moments.
For professionals and parents.

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Traditional vs Conscious Parenting: How to Heal Your Emotional Triggers

Ellen BradleyEllen Bradley

This session will explore the differences between traditional parenting and parenting from a mindful or conscious perspective. It offers a unique perspective about parenting with deliberate intention to form and strengthen a deeper and more meaningful relationship between parents and children at any age. Mindful strategies that assist with emotional triggers will also be discussed and demonstrated throughout this workshop.

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From Adolescent to Adult: Supporting Your Teen’s Growth

Evan LegakisEvan Legakis

As a parent, it becomes increasingly challenging to know when to support and when to step back as our children transition from adolescence to adulthood. Important life decisions about post-secondary education or life after high school can seem daunting. How can we as parents mindfully support this important transition without getting in the way of our childrens’ growth?

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