Millbrook Zucchinifest | September 10 ’17

Celebrate the ever-abundant zucchini at Needler’s Lane in Millbrook.

Image licensed by Ingram Publishing.

Image licensed by Ingram Publishing.


The versatile, tasty, and ever-abundant zucchini takes pride of place at the Millbrook Zucchinifest, Needler’s Lane, on Sunday, September 10, 12:30-4 pm.

Come celebrate this humble vegetable with these family fun events:

  • kids’ zucchini carving
  • contests
  • zucchini bobbing
  • zucchini boat rides
  • zucchini cooking contest
  • biggest zucchini contest
  • live music from Relic’s Boat
  • award ceremony & parade
  • zucchini slingshot

Lots of prizes for contest winners. Like the vegetable it celebrates, the Millbrook Zucchini Festival strives to be as green as possible (biodegradable decorations, recycling, latex-free, and composting).


Author: LocalParent

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